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New Golf Driving Range Singapore

In the September/October 2017 edition of Resort View, the Club introduced the features of our new driving range, which will be built on-top of existing facilities, at a height with clear view to the sea. This is probably the first in Southeast Asia. The entire structure is built from steel, the design team will have to fine tune the finishing to make sure the structure blends in with the resort environment.

The construction works for the new driving range started since mid-December 2017. Carpark C, the lots near to the canal, were closed to serve as a work site. For the buggy path along the canal, it was diverted to the edge of the canal and golfers were advised to watch out for the directional signages when crossing from hole 5 to hole 6.

We understand that during the 18-month development period, some additional traffic or services might be affected, and the Club seeks members’ understanding while we work to give you a unique practising experience.

Enclosed below are some photos for your viewing pleasure.