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03 May 2016, Tuesday
- Swimming Lesson – Adult’s

Day: Sundays

Time: 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Minimum number of participants: 3 to start a class

Venue: NSRCC Swimming pool

It's never too late to learn a new skill! If you have always wanted to learn how to swim, let us know; our certified coaches are happy to accept adult learners who are ready to take the plunge. Register your interest with Juhainie at 6540 8564, or email .

30 May 2014, Friday
- Annual Snooker Closed Tournament 2014

Allen Tan was recruited in early 2013; he had shown tremendous skills during the Annual Snooker Closed Tournament.  He clinched the Championship title and also managed to obtain the Highest Breaking Point of 38 points!

Players who did not manage to get into the Semi-Finals did not need to fret as they were given an additional round played in “Round Robin Format”. Randy Lam and Jason Yeo won the consolation prize for this round.

Congratulation to everyone!


Overall Champion            -              Allen Tan             ($300 Cash, Trophy, Name engrave – Roll of Honor, Challenge Trophy)

1st Runner up     -             William Tay         ($150 cash, Trophy)

2nd Runner up    -             Roger Chan         ($50 Cash, Medal)

3rd Runner up    -             Victor Ong           ($50 Cash, Medal)

Consolation 1     -              Randy Lam          (Medal)
Consolation 2     -              Jason Yeo            (Medal)



17 May 2014, Saturday
- NSRCC Flea Market 2014

In conjunction with Charity Golf 2014,  a wide array of people joined in the fun and  laid out their flea items along the corridors of the golfers changing rooms.

Items included Pre-loved, new and unused items ranging from clothing, apparel, sports gear, children’s toys, costume jewelry, decorations, bags, books and even health products.

“This was a great experience and it’s nice to see people walking away happily with my pre-loved items.” quoted Mrs Soo who took part in the Flea Market. 



02 May 2014, Friday
- PBA Bowling Clinic


Sign up for our Professional Bowling Clinics and Mentorship Programme today! Click here.

Click here to view coach profile.

Members only at price $440 

06 February 2014, Thursday
- NSRCC nabbed second at Staff Inter-Club Bowling

It was a close competition between Team NSRCC and Team SSC (Singapore Swimming Club) as the scores for both teams were neck in neck.  Eventually, Team SSC broke through and came in victorious. Despite coming in second, our staff put up a tough fight and did well maintaining their scores, giving Team Singapore Recreation Club (SRC) no chance to catch up.

The Staff Inter-Club Bowling Competition is an opportunity for interaction and bonding between the staff of recreation clubs in Singapore.

We would like to congratulate all winners and look forward to another great game next time round.


23 January 2014, Thursday
- NSRCC Flea Market 2013

The year-end flea market which was held on 1 December turns out to be a success yet again.
Pre-loved, new and unused items such as; clothing, sports apparel, children’s toys, costume jewellery, decorations, beddings and many more were sold at the flea.
Mr & Mrs Chee purposely rented two tables for their kids. They aim to allow their children to feel and learn the arts of business. Isaac & Caleb practiced their mathematic skills and their selling techniques without touting or forcing.

Well done kids!  



09 January 2014, Thursday
- Welcoming the New Year

This year’s year end party was held at Stella and NSRCC Seasport Centre. The party was celebrated away from the bustling sounds of the city. It is definitely a scenic evening as you dine by the harbor which is accompanied by a gorgeous skyline.

A night of family bonding as everyone who came managed to bring down the whole family for some fun time.

The event started off with dinner and there were magic show for the little ones, kid’s game show, parent and child pairing game and not forgetting the dance aerobics. It was definitely a nice way to end the year.

We would like to thank our members and guests who have made the Year End Party another successful and memorable event.


Wishing everyone a great year ahead!


13 October 2013, Sunday
- Recap – 2013 Snooker Bi-Monthly Medal

Here is a look at the winners of the Snooker Bi-monthly Medal season 2013. Champion and 1st Runner-up Randy Lam and Roger Chan will represent the club for the National Snooker League season 2013/2014. We wish them all the best!

2013 Results:

Grand Final (October)                      Randy Lam (Winner)
                                                     Roger Chan (1st Runner-up)

Mini-Tournament (August)                Randy Lam (Winner)
                                                     Alan Tan (1st Runner-up)

Mini-Tournament (June)                    Randy Lam (Winner)
                                                      Lloyd Lam (1st Runner-up)

Mini-Tournament (April)                     William Tay (Winner)
                                                      Victor Ong (1st Runner-up)

Mini-Tournament (February)              William Tay (Winner)
                                                     Alan Tan (1st Runner-up)

22 August 2013, Thursday
- NSRCC’s Young Guns in Tennis

Look out for NSRCC’s young guns in tennis who played recently at the Junior Tennis Open Tournament on 6 July. Congratulations to our winners!



16 August 2013, Friday
- Randy Lam edges Lloyd Lam

Randy Lam triumphed over Lloyd Lam at the recent Snooker Bi-Monthly Tournament finals held on 29 June. 12 participants between the ages of 16 to 60 years competed for the title of Snooker Champion.

Eventually Randy won the best-of-two frames and walked away with the medal and $150 cash prize and Lloyd received his runner-up medal and $50 cash prize.