SGA League

Congratulations to our league players for winning the SGA Inter-Club League Overall Champion title for 2014.

The SGA league team is made up of 5 divisions, Premier, A and B and Senior and Ladies. 

Through the years, the team has gained a reputation as one of the premier clubs of golf in Singapore, producing many golfing pros. 

Achievements This Year
'A' Division (HI 7.1-11.0) 6th place
'B' Division (HI 11.1-18.0) 1st place
'Premier' Division (HI up to 7.0) 3rd place
'Senior' Division (55 years and above) 5th place
'Ladies' Division  1st place

Source: RV Jan/Feb 2015 

We are looking for members who possess the following pre-requisites to represent the Club in the annual SGA Inter Club League

  1. Have the necessary skills in the game of golf
  2. Have mental strength & competitive spirit
  3. Must be a team player
  4. Must have the time to practice & play in the League

If you have the above, then you have to qualify for the selection trials conducted at the end of the year (See the Selection Process)

*Click here to find out more on the Conditions of Competition for the SGA Inter-Club League.