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Fitness Instructors

Yusri Bin Minhat (Fitness Supervisor)

Yusri has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and has attended various trainings  that includes Active Kickboxing Fitness, TRX Suspension Training and Exercise Improving Rehabilitation.


Muscle Building, Fat Loss, Improve Cardiovascular Capacity, improving Sports Performance, Body Toning and Sports Injury and Sports Injury Rehabilitation.


Mohd Ismail (Senior Fitness Instructor)


Ismail is a former ASEAN and SEA Games Body Builder who has multiple medals under his belt.

His vast experience in fitness includes Body Building, Sports Injury Management and TRX Suspension Training.


Body Building, Gaining Muscular Mass, Fat Loss and General Fitness & Conditioning.


Mavel Lau (Fitness Instructor)

Mavel has 4 years of experience in the local fitness industry. Her experience in fitness includes Personal Coaching, Weight Loss Exercising Programme and Circuit Training.


Personal Training in Weight Loss Program, High Intensity Interval Training, Muscle Building and Development, Muscle Toning, Body Shaping, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation.


For more enquiries on fitness related matters, approach our friendly instructors or email